Splitter Distribution Box.

  • Widely used in FTTH access network.
  • Telecommunication network.
  • CATV network.
  • Data communication network.
  • Local Areal network(LAN).


  • Industry standard user interface;made of high compact plastics.
  • Can accommodate 1:4&1:8&1:16 PLC Splitter.
  • Anti-UV,high impact resistant and waterproof.
  • Up to 24 FTTH dro cables.
  • Wall and pole mountable.
  • 1-3 inlet ports,8-24 outlet ports.
Type Size(W*H*D)mm
8 port 205*215*55
16 port 260*320*90
16 port 270*325*100
16 port 260*352*90
24 port 296*335*117

FTTH Terminal Box

FTTH Terminal box are used in the end termination of drop cables in residential buildings and villas,to fix and splice with pigtails;can be installed on the wall;can adapt variety of optical connection styles;Optical fiber can be managed effectively.And the metal series have convenient press pull button lock design.Wall mounted with mechanical protection system.Max capacity is 4-16 cores,and 4-16 adapter outputs,available for FC/ST/SC/LC adapters.

Size(mm) Cable diameter(mm) Cable ports Max capacity of splice
200*148*30 Φ5~Φ10 2 8
115*135*41.5 2 4
140*105*28 1 4
245*200*48 3 16
115*135*41.5 2 8
180*130*30 2 8

Rack Mounted Optical Cable Terminal Box

The series have fixed type and drawer type.Fixed types are applied in the branch connection of fiber terminus,working as distribution box;19” standard structure,rack mounted;available for the installation of FC,SC,ST,LC adapters etc.

Size(mm) 482*250*1U 482*250*2U 482*300*1U
Max capacity(cores) 24 48 48
Outer carton dimension(mm) 485*425*305/5pcs 485*675*305/5pcs 485*400*350/5pcs
Outer carton weight(kg) 14.2/5pcs 21/5pcs 18/5pcs

The drawer types optical cable terminal box is used for cable terminal connection,can be used as a distribution box.19” standard structure;Rack installation;Drawer structure design,flexible pulling,convenient to operate;suitable for FC,SC,ST,2LC adapters,etc.

Size(mm) 482*300*1U 482*300*2U 482*300*4U 482*250*1U 482*300*1U
Max capacity(cores) 48 96 192 48 24
Outer carton dimension(mm)/5pcs 485*420*350 495*340*545 500*350*540 530*290*295 485*400*350
Outer carton weight(kg)/5pcs 27.5 26.4 18.9 19.5 25

Fiber Optic Terminal BoxThe series are available for small capacity communication system,wall mountable.The cabinet is divided into two parts:one links optic cables for its fusion with fiber pigtails;the other links patch cords.Protected fiber lay in the whole range ensures the bending radius to be 40mm.

Size(mm) 455*405*80 455*405*120 455*405*150
Max capacity(cores) 24 48 72
Outer carton dimension(mm) 500*450*490/4pcs 500*450*490/3pcs 500*450*390/2pcs
Outer carton weight(kg)/5pcs 29.5/4pcs 25.3/3pcs 19.5/2pcs

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